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Enemy Type Boss
Destiny Pyre
Classification Soul Guardian

Sword of Nuria

Allie appears on Act 4:Downward Spiral with another Soul Guardian,Gibson.She & Gibson are both legendary blademasters that is sent out to stop the player & Lucy Crow once and for all.


Allie is the Soul Guardian that guards her element,Pyre.It is told that she is a legendary blademaster with a powerful skill,Drill Dash .This Counter is a devastating forward flourish that sets the tides of battle.The player can either use Tag or Counter at the right time to avoid being severely damaged.It can also unleash full-damage even when the user tags a teammate.

Allie in her 2011 armor is based as a coal first,(generally,the color of her Sword of Nuria.)since her second/2012 appearance is a red flame burning with rage,generally,her equipment's name.

When the player meets Allie on the battlefield,she told the Soul Crasher that there are warriors who speak highly of him/her,since this player has already defeated 2 Soul Guardians(namely,Terri T & Sobek )and Hanzo ,The Legendary Ninja.(as said in his equipment's description)She doesn't know what the fuss all of this is about,but she swears that she will conquer this warrior's soul.

When Allie wins,she has told the warrior that she has succesfully avenges her fallen friends.This shows that Allie cares from one of her 3 friends (Terri ,Sobek ,Hanzo )She didn't mention who is she describing the most,though.But when she loses,she is shocked that a mere Soul Crasher have defeated a legendary blademaster such as herself.She also asks who is this infamous warrior that she has never heard of before.

Allie is the boss after Hanzo and the boss before Gibson .

Equipment & Weapon[]

Red Flame of Rage Set[]

Each of Allie's equipment adds her Attack by 2% and with every piece complete,it adds her Soul Power by '5%.

Sword of Horus[]

Weapon Rating:8

Added Stats:Soul Power 10%

MAX Enchant:6

Battle Taunts[]

Ready:Some speak highly of you,as if you something,but I will own your soul.

Win:I've avenged my fallen friends.

Lose:How did this happen?Who are you?

Theories About "The Switch"[]

Ah,you're probably wondering what I meant in here do you?Well let me explain then.[]

Since Terri and Gibson weren't in the Soul Crash Chibi Wallpaper,you already know that they were being trained by Hanzo and Salacia .But I also forgot to say about Sobek and Allie .Yes,Sobek was in the wallpaper,but I've been thinking in to the Counters lately,since as you may have guessed,I haven't finished it yet.[]

So anyway,after Hanzo 's "report" about Terri ,Sir Eldus may have switched Sobek to Hanzo ,and put Terri into Allie 's teachings.She learned well,so is Sobek .I bet Terri andSobek were the ones who created Whirlwind and Astral Split,and the reason why there are combined Counters,and almost similar.[]

Still don't get it?Terri may have lacked speed and focused energy to Hanzo 's training,which is why Hanzo got annoyed at her minimum strength and called her a weak one.But when she got to switch unto Allie ,there's something she changed.Rather than spinning her blade,she did but with herself while focusing energy,and the last hit will have a powerful blast.[]

She was moving too slow unto her Counter ,which explains why Hanzo called her weak.But even though she was the one who created Whirlwind,that Counter still has weakpoints,so Hanzo didn't denied of what he said to her and to Sir Eldus .[]

Meanwhile,unto Sobek 's training,he mastered some of Allie' s moves,focusing energy,however,the training was cut short since of Hanzo 's complaint.[]

When Sobek got switched unto Hanzo ,he mastered unto going into the "astral plane",however,since because of Allie 's training,rather than him moving to the astral plane and attacking the opponent wherever they go,he ended up charging too much energy,which causes his soul to be the one charging unto one ofHanzo 's training dummies (or Hanzo ).Sobek 's move was a lot faster than Terri' s,but also takes time to charge it.[]

Terri and Sobek were also the reasons why Whirlblade,Soul Deviation ,and maybe even the Wrathruster Counters exist.Whirlblade is similar to Whirlwind ,but the weak points of Whirlwind 's are not a problem anymore to Whirlblade ,and maybe that's what Hanzo was doing to the astral plane.Soul Deviation was created after trying to do it with Pinwheel Chop and Astral Split altogether .Wrathruster ,I'm pretty sure it's because of Hanzo 's Counter .[]

Remember,these are just "theories",so don't assume this is truely a fact.[]

Photos of Allie[]

Treasure box rewards have increased.

Allie showing the event,"Triple Treasures".

Treasure box rewards in Classics and Arena Fights have greatly increased.Lasts up to 6 hours.

Allie Full Chibi Form.png

Allie's Full Chibi Form with her old armor.(Well,her armor HAS been named "Red Flame of Rage."Maybe she started her armor black like a coal starting to spark.This game sure has great ideas :D)

"Allie:Come play with me. :)" Allie playing Volleyball :D

Allie playing volleyball.Fan Art by Xing Xing-Tx Trinity Xing

Allie EX.jpg

Allie EX showing the Season 6 "The Showdown" has finally started after the long slumber of update-free in the Soul Crash page.[]