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Balthazar,The Elemental Disrupter

Enemy Type[]



Elemental Disrupter[]




Act of God[]


Balthazar is the first boss that appears on the area Act.6-Inferno Unleashed.He means business to all Soul Crashers,and his only business is to destroy them.


Balthazar is the first boss in Soul Crash who gives away his weapon for free IF defeated by the players.However,his armor is not present to buy from any of the shop sections.His appearance is a divine angel and (sometimes) often mistaken by non-Soul Crashers (who first plays the gameas a female angel,but changes their minds after noticing his sharp eyes and the word "his" at the bottom of the title,"Act.6-Inferno Unleashed."

Balthazar isn't really impressed at the Soul Crasher since this is just some ordinary mortal holding a weapon that exceeds his/her power.If Balthazar succesfully defeats the player,he then spares the warrior's life,since he is a kind person.This would also explain why he has been chosen as a divine angel because of his kind-hearted personality.

But if Balthazar loses,he says that they were others who were right about this Soul Crasher ,that this one is no ordinary mortal,who carries a weapon to protect himself from others who challenged him/her.The next boss up ahead is Tal ,The Master of All Souls.


Act of God[]

Weapon Rating:7[]

Added Stats:N/A[]

MAX Enchant:10[]

Battle Taunts[]

Ready:You have fought well...for a mere mortal.[]

Win:I will spare your life,since I am kind.[]

Lose:Others were right.You were not a mere mortal.[]