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Hanzo, Soul Guardian of Aqua
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Soul Guardian


Hanzos Katana

Hanzo is the Soul Guardian of Aqua and also the boss of Act 3: Fire and Ice. Hanzo is the third boss of Soul Crash.The next Soul Guardians up ahead is Allie & Gibson at Act.4:Downward Spiral.


Hanzo is a Soul Guardian and is based of a ninja or thief.Hanzo has a unique weapon that is named after himself,Hanzo's Katana. He is described as the most toughest challenge,even though he is only the third boss of the entire game.Similar to Sobek,Hanzo appears in the game's introduction.

In his first greeting to the player,he is impressed by the player's progress and that Terri T was wrong about the warrior's strength.Hanzo also described Terri T as a weakling, as he explains that she is completely nothing comparing to himself.There is also another reason that Hanzo calls her weak.It is because Terra Warriors have the advantage to defeat Aqua Warriors.So maybe,Terri couldn't defeat Hanzo,and that may be also the reason why he called her a weakling.He does not say anything aboutSobek though.

After he succesfully defeats the warrior,he then again says that Terri T was weak to stop the warrior,but he has finished what she could not.But when he loses to the warrior,he then may have misjudged the Soul Crasher,but he tells him/her that his/her end is near since there are more powerful Soul Guardians up ahead.

His skill is the most easy-to-learn skill,the Astral Teleport.This skill is very simple,yet,powerful and very effective when a player has an experience of using it.It does not land full-damage when the player tagged a teammate,though.

The next boss up ahead after Hanzo is Allie,The Soul Guardian of Pyre .

Equipment and Weapon[]

Ninja Set/Silver Skull Breastplate Set[]

Hanzo's armor piece increases Soul Power stats by 4% when equipped while having his full set will increase his Hit points by 10%.

Hanzo's Katana[]

Weapon Rating:8

Added Stats:N/A

MAX Enchant:5

Battle Taunts[]

Ready:I'm impressed that you made it this far.

Terri T was wrong about you,but then again,she's nothing compared to me.

Win:Terri T was weak,but I finished what she could not.

Lose:I too have misjudged you,but your end is near.

Theories of Why Hanzo Hates Terri T []

Hey there,Soul Crash Fans!We all know that after fighting Hanzo,he has pure hatred to Terri ,since he thinks that  she is weak,but have you ever think that after defeating Hanzo,you would give him a Healing Potion (if you do have one)and asked him why he hates her,like an explamation?Well,not to worry,I have some evidences (and some are guesses) of why he hates Terri .[]

Terri wasn't in the 2011 Soul Crash Chibi Wallpaper back then,am I right?So I could say this.Hanzo hates Terri because of one thing:she is weak to his memory because he trained her.C'mon,I mean,think about it,if Hanzo hates her so much,then how would you even explain why he even hates her for no apparent reason?Like the Soul Crash Team have said,Terra Warriors have the power to push the Aqua Warriors down to their knees,but maybe Terri failed to defeat Hanzo on their training.Also,as I have observed on their Counters ,Whirlwind is easily breakable once you used Astral Teleport ,which is Hanzo's skill.So,yes,I could say that this theory can be the truth of Hanzo's hatred to Terri ,however what I don't understand is that one:There were a lot of comments of how they are having a hard time on Terri ,and two:I defeated Hanzo with no problems at all! I have the Counter Whirlwind ,and I defeated him since he tagged while my Whirlwind was active!He then got sucked into my spinning vortex and defeated him without even had the chance of showing how he is the tough challenge yet! I didn't have to upgrade my skill! (Course,there were no Skill Upgrades back then)Also,if you are saying that Terri is in fact Level 10,while Hanzo is Level 30,then you are wrong!Soul Crash EX Forms were already available when they fought Attila The Terror,so I guess Hanzo was too strong for Terri to handle,and why Hanzo keeps telling everybody that she is weak.[]

I doubt that this theory is wrong,there were a lot of evidences to tell on this one,so I think that you may comment on what you think of this one.[]

Photos of Hanzo[]

Anime Hanzo (Made by Gaia)

Hanzo with his background.He strikes the opponent with his shurikens that are hidden (or maybe created) by his scarf.This background is created by Gaia (Maybe his scarf created the shurikens,I mean,if you play zOMG! on Gaia ,then you must've seen the succubus creating the bats made by her own blood O.O.I wish Hanzo has this skill someday...)

Hanzo New Full Chibi Form.png

Hanzo with his Anime Position but new Chibi Form.

This picture is in Tumblr,so you might have a hard time searching it if you don't put the word "Tumblr" after the name Soul Crash. :)

Hanzo Anime Fan Art.Made by kafeitoytle

Hanzo selling ramen,dumplings,sushi,and other Japanese food. :D

Hanzo in his shop,selling ramen,dumplings,sushi,and other Japanese food. :D.Fan Art by Xing-Tx Trinity-Xing .[]

The video link is here:

Hanzo charging up,together with Zanten ,Lucy ,and Sera .[]

His hair is still red,by the way (Made by Playplus)

NOTE:Hanzo EX's hair is still red by the way.Have no idea why Soul Crash made it brown,but maybe that's his natural hair once and dyed it red due to Terri 's hair color.Like he said before,"Terri was wrong about you,but then again,she's nothing compared to me."