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Lainarc,One of The Four Inferno Knights

Lainarc== Lainarc is the first boss that appears on Act.7-Last Stand.He cannot believe that a mere Soul Crasher came this far and threats to compromise to the Soul Core .


Enemy Type[]



Inferno Knight[]




Earth Saber (No Longer Available)[]

Just after Tal was release a few weeks,The Four Inferno Knights were now available to be fought by the Soul Crashers to gain level once more and to continue their journey.

Now,about Lainarc.As you can see,theAct.7-Last Stand contains the Four Inferno Knights ,Four Soul Witches ,Four Soul Commanders ,and Four Elite Soul Masters,in each level.They have been call fourth after you haved defeated Tal ,who has been guarding their place to prevent foolish Soul Crashers from entering,unless they're ready.

Lainarc was suprised when he saw a Soul Crasher on his forbidden land,thinking that he/she must've defeated Tal and entered to find the Soul Core.He asked about this,however,as usual,the Soul Crasher must defeat Lainarc in order to see what he will have to say about it.If the player fails to do so,Lainarc insists the player to go back,since the challenge was too much for the Soul Crasher ,thinking that he/she wouldn't survive when he/she faces them.However,if successfully defeated,Lainarc insists the player to go forward,but he told the warrior not to think that he didn't warn them.

The next boss after Lainarc is Marden ,the second Inferno Knight.

'Basinet of Lainarc' []

Reward after defeating Lainarc.[]

Added Stats:8% Defense (No Full Set Available)[]

Lainarc's Weapon []

Earth Saber[]

Weapon Rating: 7[]

Added Stats:N/A[]

MAX Enchant:7[]

Battle Taunts[]

Ready:Who are you to step into this forbidden land?[]

Win:Go back to where you came from,warrior.[]

Lose:Proceed,warrior.Don't say that I did not warn you...[]