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Laura is the first of the Four Wicked Soul Witches that you need to defeat before meeting the others on the battlefield.Don't be fooled by her beautiful appearance,she may be the weak one on the Four Wicked Soul Witches ,but her wickedness may not be. (Well,that is,after you seen her Winning Stance,which is Merceny's.)[]

Enemy Type[]



Wicked Soul Witch[]




Laura's Sword[]


Laura will be having a new Counter Skill that is not buyable from the game.She attacks you with a green elemental ball with random damage. (Actually,it depends on how far you are to it.)The Four Wicked Soul Witches all have this skill,just in different color,depends on the color/element they are.[]

Oh,by the way,if you are fighting them while the World Boss Raid:Atilla The Terror is present,there's a slight chance that his skills would be transferred to the Four Wicked Soul Witches or the other remaining bosses after them,however,I am not quite sure if it affects all of them,since I'm still Lvl.65,and I only saw Laura do it.[]

Anyway,back to the gameplay,Laura asks the Soul Crasher if he/she is the one they have been waiting for to fight,course,since the Soul Crasher is now famous after the streaks of bosses he/she has defeated this far,and maybe because after defeating Tal in the first place,since he IS the Guardian of All Souls.[]

So if Laura successfully defeats the Soul Crasher ,she does her Winning Stance (the cheering stance,which is Merceny's.) and says that she was expecting too much and didn't think that this Soul Crasher wasn't the one they were looking for.But,if Laura is defeated,she then says that this is the Guardians talking about,and lets the Soul Crasher pass.[]

Oh,and another glitch,after you got Laura's equipment,there's a slight chance (or maybe it's really that way now) that you will get the design of Anna' s instead,however,it is still Laura's and with her stats on.[]

Laura's Spaulders[]

Reward after defeating Laura.[]


Battle Taunts[]

Ready:Are you the great warrior we've been waiting for[]

Win:Nope,I think you're not the one.[]

Lose:So you are the one.[]

Photos of Laura's Spaulder Glitch and Counter[]

Laura Spaulder Glitch.PNG





=== This is what's up on Laura's false equipment design.I wonder if Anna's design is switched to Laura's... ===




Laura's Skill-0.PNG


(It took me too much snapshots wasted because Laura and her henchmen are using their Counter Skills sometimes,but I do know that they do it 2 times when they use it...)[]

Laura's snapshots on her skill.The Four Wicked Soul Witches will use these,just in different color and element.[]