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File:(Left to Right and Right to Left) Bolt,Nult,Adard,and Prahkow.pngFile:10627855 817128801660233 1032849696 o.jpgFile:A Friend in Need by Joshua Manuyag.jpg
File:Abacus EX.pngFile:Allie.jpgFile:Allie EX.jpg
File:Allie Full Chibi Form.pngFile:Allie by Xing-Tx Trinity-Xing.jpgFile:Anime Zanten.PNG
File:Anna-Not Defeated.PNGFile:Anna.jpgFile:Antero-Not Defeated.PNG
File:Antero.pngFile:Aqua Grunt.pngFile:Arena Tournament.png
File:Astral Split.PNGFile:Astral Teleport.PNGFile:BUTTONS.PNG
File:Balthazar.pngFile:Bandicam 2014-05-21 20-04-30-453.jpgFile:Battle Stance.PNG
File:Battle Stance 2.PNGFile:Battle Stance 3 and 4.PNGFile:Bella-Not Defeated.PNG
File:Cibor-Not Defeated.PNGFile:Cibor.pngFile:Composite Tanato.png
File:Deathscar-Not Defeated Yet.PNGFile:Devilish.jpgFile:Drill Dash.PNG
File:EXP Points x2 Event.jpgFile:Eldus.PNGFile:Evade%.png
File:Example.jpgFile:Featherlight Rapier.pngFile:Female Soul Warrior.jpg
File:First Win of The Day Event.jpgFile:Forum new.gifFile:Gibson.jpg
File:Gibson EX.pngFile:Ground Smash.PNGFile:Hanzo Anime Art by kafeitoytle.jpg
File:Hanzo EX.pngFile:Hanzo Infbx.pngFile:Hanzo New Full Chibi Form.png
File:Hanzo by Xing-Tx Trinity-Xing.jpgFile:Hazewinds-Not Defeated Yet.PNGFile:Hazewinds.png
File:Hells Bells Blademasters.jpgFile:Hit%.pngFile:Iron Mace.png
File:Knight of Night.jpgFile:Lainarc.pngFile:Laura's Skill-0.PNG
File:Laura's Skill.PNGFile:Laura-Defeated.PNGFile:Laura-Not Defeated.PNG
File:Laura Spaulder Glitch.PNGFile:Lose Stance 3.PNGFile:Lose Stance 4.PNG
File:Lose Stance 5.PNGFile:Losing Stance 1.PNGFile:Losing Stance 2.PNG
File:Lucy Crow.jpgFile:Lucy Crow (Larger).jpgFile:Lucy Crow EX.png
File:Lucy Crow The White.jpgFile:Lucy Crow The White Part 1.pngFile:Lucy Crow The White Part 2.jpg
File:Marden.pngFile:Margaret-Not Defeated.PNGFile:Master Gin and Master Rye.png
File:Mistral Gale.pngFile:Mistral Grunt.pngFile:Mistral Veteran.png
File:Murty-Not Defeated.PNGFile:Murty.pngFile:My Soul Crash Character by Joshua Manuyag.jpg
File:Pinwheel Chop.PNGFile:Prehistoric Axe.pngFile:Quan-Not Defeated.PNG
File:Quan.pngFile:Quinn The Shopmaster.pngFile:Red Mamba-Not Defeated Yet.PNG
File:Red Mamba.jpgFile:Ruka.pngFile:Salacia.jpg
File:Salacia EX (Almost Full Form).jpgFile:Santa Crow.jpgFile:Sera.jpg
File:Sera Art by paaaintedblaaack.jpgFile:Sera EX.pngFile:Sera Full Chibi Form.png
File:Sobek Infbx.pngFile:Sobek Westwind by Xing-Tx Trinity-Xing.jpgFile:Sobek and Male Soul Warrior.png
File:Soul Commanders of Aqua.jpgFile:Soul Commanders of Mistral.jpgFile:Soul Commanders of Pyre.jpg
File:Soul Commanders of Terra.jpgFile:Soul Crash-Allie's Fight(LVL 35 Boss)File:Soul Crash-Gibson's Fight (Lvl 40 Boss)
File:Soul Crash-Hanzo's fight(Lvl 30 boss)File:Soul Crash- Sera's FightFile:Soul Crash.PNG
File:Soul Crash (Bigger Version).PNGFile:Soul Crash - KAX vs Zanten - The Battle For Level 50File:Soul Crash 2012 Anime Wallpaper.jpg
File:Soul Crash Anime Hanzo.jpgFile:Soul Crash Anime Sera,Lucy,and Terri.jpgFile:Soul Crash Devil Eye's Sword.jpg
File:Soul Crash Full Battle Song w DownloadFile:Soul Crash In Gaia's Intro.jpgFile:Soul Crash Level 10 Boss
File:Soul Crash sobek the level 20 bossFile:Soul Crasher.pngFile:Soul Deviation.PNG
File:Soul Warrior.PNGFile:Soul crash Level 43 Boss - (Salacia)File:Soul crash lvl 55 boss "Balthazar"
File:Spin Strike.pngFile:Spiral Twister.PNGFile:Stats.png
File:Tal.pngFile:Tempest.pngFile:Terrablaze-Not Defeated Yet.PNG
File:Terri T EX Full Form.jpgFile:Terri T Infbx.pngFile:Terri T by Xing-Tx Trinity-Xing.jpg
File:Untitledrg.pngFile:Vestige of Honor Event.jpgFile:Video.PNG
File:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Winning Stance 1.PNGFile:Winning Stance 2.PNG
File:Winning Stance 3.PNGFile:Winning Stance 4.PNGFile:World Boss Raid Attila The Terror and Emerald Dragon.jpg
File:Wrathruster.PNGFile:X3 Triple Treasures Event.pngFile:Zanten.jpg
File:Zanten ENRAGED by Joshua Manuyag.jpgFile:Zanten EX.pngFile:Zanten Full Chibi Form.png
File:「SOUL CRASH」• SPECIAL Montage N°4 BOSS LVL 60 TAL.ᴴᴰFile:「SOUL CRASH」• SPECIAL Montage N°7 Battle for lvl 76!.ᴴᴰFile:【SOUL CRASH】Battle Music - OST - Season 6 (HD).
File:【SOUL CRASH】Music of Street - OST - March 06, 2014 (HD).File:【SOUL CRASH】Music of Street - OST - Season 6 (HD).File:【SOUL CRASH】 SC RC BOSSES LVL 65 TO 68 Laura, Anna, Margaret, Bella.ᴴᴰ
File:【SOUL CRASH】 SC RT BOSSES LVL 61 TO 64 Lainarc, Marden, Ruka, Tix.ᴴᴰ