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Marden,The Second Inferno Knight


Marden is the second Inferno Knight that guards the Soul Core.Altough Lainarc is the youngest of the Four Inferno Knights,Marden always seeks his comments first.


Marden is really though,so he'd be only using 40% of his power,as said on his Win Taunt.This is no joke,since he has every Counter Skill ,except for Soul Deviation ,which Lainarc tried to use to defeat the trespassing Soul Crasher .

Enemy Type[]



Inferno Knight[]




Mystic Blade

Marden wasn't surprised to see the Soul Crasher,as Lainarc foretold that he/she has crossed to their forbidden land.He also told about this and that he would never try to underestimate this Soul Crasher .Well,that is,after he defeats the Soul Crasher and tells him/her that he merely used 40% of his power against him/her.

But,when the Soul Crasher defeats him,he tells the Soul Crasher that he/she has proven that he/she is never to be underestimated,since,there were still a lot of judgement to the Soul Guardians ,except for Zanten ,who has seen the warrior's potential by accepting his challenge and successfully defeating him.He also tells the player that their fight was not a coincidence,but not really sure.

(This also gives me an idea to the Theory to the Soul Crasher 's Memory,thanks to the Four Soul Witches ,but I'm not done to the bosses yet.Until I write Laura 's,or maybe Anna 's,and THEN I'll write it.)

The next boss after Marden is Ruka ,the third Inferno Knight who has both a high evade and hit percentage.

Helmet of Marden[]

Reward after defeating Marden.[]

Evade:8% (No Full Set Available)[]

Battle Taunts[]

Ready:Lainarc told me not to underestimate you,and I will NOT.[]

Win:I merely used 40% of my power,if you're interested,haha...[]

Lose:You sure proved yourself.This may not be a coincidence,I think.[]