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Ruka,The Third Inferno Knight


Ruka is the third of the Four Inferno Knights to challenge the Soul Crasher to prevent him/her to enter the Soul Core.Beware,he is the most fastest of the Four Inferno Knights ,often overlooked.


Enemy Type[]



Inferno Knight[]




Aqua Jet[]

Ruka has all of the Counters except for the 2 new ones,so he would be a powerful opponent,plus the added evade and hit stats,making it more hard to hit him and avoid his guard crushers if you and your team are not well prepared for this battle.[]

Ruka greets the Soul Crasher ,saying that this poor soul is fatigued due to the battles and challenges he/she have faced and completed so far,and he will help him/her rest,for good.If Ruka has successfully defeated the Soul Crasher ,he says to just rest there,since he has successfully defeat him/her,and that his/her journey is done.[]

However,if the Soul Crasher successfully defeats Ruka,then Ruka will say that he was the one who needs to rest.He then thanks the Soul Crasher .[]

The next boss after Ruka is the fourth and last Inferno Knight ,Tix .[]

Helmet of Ruka[]

Reward after defeating Ruka.[]

Hit:8% (No Full Set Available)[]

Battle Taunts[]

Ready:Poor soul,you sure look fatigued.Let me help you rest,for good.[]

Win:Yes,sleep tight,warrior.[]

Lose:Frankly,I am the one who needs rest.Thank you,warrior.[]