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Sera,The Soul Guardian of Aqua

Enemy Type[]





Soul Guardian[]




Sera is the second boss at Act 5:Triumvirate/The Battle and the 7th boss in Soul Crash .Sera has a heart of lead and is out to destroy any challenger in her path.


Sera is the second but last Soul Guardian of Aqua.She symbolizes as a warmaiden or a samurai because of her equipment's appearance.Even though at Sera's picture in Soul Crash (when you're gonna battle hershe has a cape on and has shoulderguards on her armor at her AF,(Anime Formit is not present on her BM's (Battle Modedesign.

Like Salacia ,do not believe at the tips that she has only 2 Counters :Whirlwind & Astral Split .Like Zanten ,she has every bosses's counter from Act.1-Act.5 and the new one:Ground Smash ,so her Counter will be purely random.On her first greeting to the player,she is also impressed by the player's progress,but she predicts that the warrior will lose once he/she starts the battle with Sera.

If Sera successfully defeats the Soul Crasher,she says that to stop fighting since the warrior is weak and he/she is nothing compared to her fighting skills.But when Sera loses,like Allie ,she is shocked by the warrior's strength since it's not possible (from her opinion) but leaves her trust to Zanten since he is invincible.

Equipment and Weapon[]

Warmaiden Set[]

Sera's equipment increases her Defense stats by 10%.With full set equipped,it increases her Attack stats by 25%.[]


Weapon Rating:9[]

Added Stats:50% Soul Power[]

MAX Enchant:7[]

Battle Taunts[]

Ready:You've done well for yourself,you've proven yourself to be formidable.[]

Now it's time to lose.[]

Win:Ha!And stay down!You are weak and nothing compared to my skills.[]

Lose:How could you be so strong?It's just not possible,but you have no idea who it is to come.He is invincible.[]

Photos of Sera[]

Sera,Lucy Crow,and Terri T (Made by Gaia)

Sera,together with Lucy and Terri .This background was created by Gaia .

Well,her shoes aren't present,but hey,still her full form.

Sera,with her Full Chibi Form.She's also showing that there's free 5,000 gold to receive.It already expired,though...

The video link is here:

Sera charging up.Characters Zanten ,Lucy ,and Hanzo are also charging up.

This picture is in Tumblr,so you might have a hard time searching it if you don't put the word "Tumblr" after the name Soul Crash. :)

Sera's Anime.Course,it's not much,but hey,a fan art is a fan art.Created by paaaintedblaaack .

A preview of Sera in EX Form

Sera EX with the Arena Tournament or "The Pit" Background.