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Sobek, Soul Guardian of Mistral
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Soul Guardian


Aegis Sword

Sobek, or recognised as the Soul Guardian of Mistral, is the second boss in Soul Crash. The player must beat Sobek to advance to Level 20, and succeed to Act 3: Fire and Ice.


Sobek is the boss of Act 2: Elemental Turbulence and must to defeated to access the next area. Sobek is described as being the Soul Guardian of Mistral and he reacts to your presence, as he awaits your challenge. Sobek, in appearance is based of a helmetless knight with a scarf.

In his Boss Vault ,(after defeating him)by viewing his equipments,it is shown that his full name is Sobek Westwind and has another name,Beryl.

Even though Sobek is the only Soul Guardian which is seen smiling in photos,he still is determined to block your progress and wants to make it quick.When a warrior loses to him,he says that he/she has meddled with dangerous forces,since it is said that Sobek uses Fatal Shadows or Astral Split,and this is a unique attack.Sobek also specialises in defense,so some players may have a hard time defeating him.But when a player succesfully defeats him,he says that he may have underestimated him/her,since he hasn't heard of this infamous warrior yet.

Sobek is the second boss that follows after Terri T, and he is the boss before Hanzo.

Equipment and Weapon[]

Aegis Set[]

Each of Sobek's armor piece,increases his Defense by 2% and his full equipment,increases his Evade by 10%.

Aegis Sword[]

Weapon Rating:7

Added Stats:N/A

MAX Enchant:5

Battle Taunts[]

Ready:I'll make this quick.

Win:You've meddled with dangerous forces.

Lose:Perhaps I've underestimated you...

Photos of Sobek/Beryl Westwind[]


Soul Crash Event Caption Contest (Since 08/14/2014)3 Best Captions will receive 50 Soul Cash

Sobek talking his problems with the Male Soul Warrior .This is why he doesn't talk too much XD.Three will win 50 Soul Cash if they have Funniest Caption. []

Events of Soul Crash.This event lasts up to 12 hours

Sobek showing the event,"EXP Points X2 Event".This event only lasts up to 12 hours.

Sobek drinking smoothies.Sure is hot in summer season!

Sobek drinking smoothies due to the hot weather.Fan Art by Xing-Tx Trinity-Xing