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Tal,The Masked Guardian of All Souls


Tal is the last boss on Act.6-Inferno Unleashed.His identity is currently unknown,but the one thing is for sure,he will be the formidable foe so far.He will use a powerful skill,which is Astral Teleport ,Spiral Twister ,and Soul Deviation.

Enemy Type[]



Guardian of Souls




Tal's Claymore (No Longer Available)[]


Tal has been the awaited boss in Soul Crash,since Gaia has been a little busy with their site,it has been left for almost 9 months back then,since the preparation of Soul Crash EX has become longer than expected.However,Playplus is currently working on it,and also the plan to have Soul Crash Mobile App on smartphones.Also,Tal's appearance was also the time Season 6 has been released,and a lot of improvement of the graphics,backgrounds,new items,and Playplus 's specialty,special effects.

Now,about Tal.The tip doesn't lie,Tal is truly formidable and will take a Level 5 or even a Level 6 Counter to inflict a great damage against him,and also strong teammates to help you when your avatar is down.His first greeting to the player is that he will fight for the freedom of all souls.However,when the Soul Crasher has been defeated,Tal doesn't accept the warrior's defeat,since this is wrong,and he/she is much better than this.Tal's personality is revealed that he is much like Terri ,since by looking at their taunts,they are really alike.However,not in their Lose Taunts,since Tal thinks that the warrior has defeated him and that he/she is ready for the new challenge up ahead,while Terri still thinks that the warrior needs improvement,since she is only the first challenge after all.

The next boss is Lainarc,one of the Four Inferno Knights that is on Act.7-The Last Stand.

Weapon(Mask doesn't provide any Stats...)[]

Tal's Claymore[]

Weapon Rating:11[]

Added Stats:When equipped at night,it increases battlepower.[]

Max Enchant:8[]

Battle Taunts[]

Ready:I fight for freedom of all souls.[]

Win:No.No,this is wrong,you're supposed to be better than this.[]

Lose:I think you are ready for the new challenge ahead.[]

Theories About Tal's Identity[]

Hey there,Soul Crash Fans!You are probably wondering what Tal's identity.Well,here are my theories.Remember,these are just theories,so don't believe it unless it really happens into the game.[]

Tal's identity is...HANZO!Yes,well,in fact,they do look alike,the hair,the use of masks,the mask's eyes,(which is Hanzo 's eye shape)and even the equipment,except Hanzo 's is much deadlier while Tal's armor design is a little serene and pictures more of peace.Their weapons are both deadly,plus Hanzo 's level is just added again to make it Level 60.However,there are also differences between them.First of all,Tal is,well,nice(as seen on his taunt)while Hanzo talks about hate ESPECIALLY on Terri .Second of all,it's just their appearance that looks alike,but not their personality.And the most of all,Hanzo would NEVER EVER and I mean NOT EVER make his personality like Terri .I mean,he already said,"Terri T was wrong about you,but then again,she's nothing compared to me."He really hates Terri ,however this can also BE his disguise as well,except the fact he really hates Terri but pretends to be like her when he is disguised as Tal,since Soul Crash Fans would think about his Taunt and just shrugs about Tal disguised as Hanzo .[]

However,I'm not even sure what Tal IS,since the reward says that you would receive it's exclusive mask.Well,I'm not sure if it's another typo,since Soul Crash Team ignores the typos first and focuses more on the SC Fans's wishes.

OK,enough about this.tell me what you guys think about this theory.[]