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Terri T, Soul Guardian of Terra
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Soul Guardian


ELX Battle Sword

Terri T, the Soul Guardian of Terra, appears on Act 1: Journey Starts Here. Terri T is the first confirmed boss of the game from Soul Crash.


Terri T is a Soul Guardian that guards the element of Terra. Terri T must be defeated in order to gain access to Act 2: Elemental Turbulence.She has a devastating skill called Whirlwind.This Counter is a devastating the attack which makes her challengers dizzy.In short,once hit by this skill,the warrior is stunned for 5 seconds at most,so you better be careful,though.Even players are having a hard time defeating her,even though she's just the first boss!

She is known to be determined at her quest,which is,blocking the warrior's path.Even when she wins,she still wants the warrior to defeat her,so that,she could see the warrior's true power and how much he/she has improved after fighting her sent -warriors.But after losing,she still thinks that the warrior is still too green,even though the warrior has completed her challenge.Of course,she's just the first challenge after all.

The boss that follows after Terri T is Sobek.

Equipment & Weapon[]

ELX Battle Gear[]

Each of Terri's armor piece increases her Attack by 2%.Full equipment will increase her Hit & Evade by 5%

ELX Battle Blade[]

Weapon Rating:6

Added Stats:N/A

MAX Enchant:5

Battle Taunts[]

Ready:Warrior of _______,I see that you are far from ready.

There will be no glory in this battle,and the world would never know that you existed after we fight.

Win:You're not ready!Train until your fingers bleed!

Lose:You are strong,but you are still too green.

Photos of Terri T[]

Sera,Lucy Crow,and Terri T (Made by Gaia)

Terri T,together with Lucy Crow and Sera .[]

Terri T enjoying smoothies :D

Terri T enjoying smoothies.Fan Art by Xing-Tx Trinity-Xing .[]

Terri T EX Full Form.jpg

Terri T's EX Form,and also shown once in the Soul Crash's Loading Screen.[]