Soul Crash Wiki

For beginners, try to use high rating weapon, because it can inflict more damage to opponent than a low rating weapon. For example it is better to use prehistoric axe than an enchanted rusty sword because prehistoric axe has a  weapon rating of 3 while the rusty sword does not have a rating. The higher rating of your weapon the stronger your avatar will be.~so many mistakes fixed

Non-cash weapons:

Cash and VIP weapons:

Lucky capsules weapon:

  • Onyx Dragon Sword (No longer avalible)
  • ELX Cross Blade
  • Devil's Eye
  • Flowing Blade (No longer avalible)
  • Toughneck Mauler (No longer avalible)
  • Dragon Nagitana (No longer avalible)
  • Pandawan (No longer avalible)
  • Lambdoll
  • Cloudsplitter
  • Jadeblade
  • Crimson Blade
  • Superior Katana 
  • Caleo Shard (No longer available)
  • Landslide (No longer available)
  • Deluge Blade (No longer available)
  • Tempest Blade (No longer available)